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Sip & Purr works exclusively with Lakeland Animal Shelter, where the majority of our adoptable cats come from. Together, each year we save hundreds of cats from Southeastern Wisconsin.

Sip & Purr is proud to help with global efforts to reduce the homeless cat population. With support from folks like you, we save cats from all across the globe, including Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar , Lebanon, Oman, and Turkey. 

Sip & Purr is the only cat cafe in America that routinely accepts international at-risk cats into our adoption program. 

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Sip & Purr's Scholarship Adoption Program was founded in order to help save non-traditional, at-risk cats that without our assistance, would most likely be euthanized due to space, or be left to perish on the streets. Sip & Purr is the end of the line for the cats we rescue. 

Why does Sip & Purr save cats from other parts of the world? The short answer is because there is a need. We believe that true animal rescue is a global effort that includes folks from all walks of life, coming together to accomplish a common goal. We choose to be a part of the solution and to help when we can.




After being abandoned on the streets of Qatar, Jabba spent five years at a vet clinic waiting for a home. In 2019, while  touring the vet clinic, we met Jabba. A month later, Jabba was accepted into our adoption program, flew to the U.S., and was adopted. 

If there’s anything we’ve learned in animal rescue, it’s that there will always be animals that need our help—and that it takes a village to help! Our work wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support from folks like you.



We met Vincent at Paws Qatar in February 2019. After waiting for 3 years, in March 2019, Vincent traveled to the U.S. for adoption. Shortly after arriving at Sip & Purr, Vincent found his forever person. 

Rescuing cats from across the globe is difficult, but not impossible. Veterinary care, required paperwork, customs documentation, transportation costs, and pre-adoption foster care are important issues factored into every rescue mission. Your help makes it possible!

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We believe that all cats should have the opportunity to enjoy a happy, healthy life, despite geography.

Please consider sponsoring a Sip & Purr Scholarship Cat. Your support will assist us in rescuing, transporting, and caring for Sip & Purr's Scholarship Cats.


* Support our upcoming international rescue mission by sponsoring a Scholarship cat or becoming a foster parent!

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