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I owe the idea of SIP & PURR to an unexpected encounter with a cat named Gigi. A big yellow tabby who sauntered over, and made herself at home on my lap, when I was at a cafe in Amsterdam. I continued on with my conversation and wine while Gigi lay there happily purring away. It was so peaceful that I didn’t want to leave. That got me thinking. How could I take this experience back home with me? I wanted everyone to have a place where they can relax and enjoy the companionship of cats. So that's what I set out to do. Fast forward to 2018 and SIP & PURR is the first cat cafe in Milwaukee!

Katy McHUGH - founder & owner of sip & Purr

Coffee, wine, delicious nibbles, and can it get better than that? Well, that adorable little furball is adoptable! Yes, with an approved adoption application that kitty you fell in love with can be yours to take home! Besides partnering with Lakeland Animal Shelter to help homeless cats find their forever homes, Sip & Purr is the only cat cafe in America that routinely accepts international non-traditional, at-risk cats into our adoption program. Ask a Cat Lounge Concierge how to go about adopting one of our fur babies

Prefer to look at the cats from a distance? We have you covered. You can choose to enjoy your beverage and foodstuffs in the cafe, where no cat has ever stepped paw. The cafe and cat lounge are separate and health department approved. Cafe? Cat Lounge? Both? Your choice!

Katy McHugh

Founder of Sip & Purr

Grand Opening - June 1, 2018


"haVEN" - the first kitty to be adopted

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