Support our upcoming rescue mission to Beirut, Lebanon!


Sip & Purr is traveling to Beirut, Lebanon in August! Our goal is to rescue and transport 25 at-risk cats and bring them to the United States.  After arriving in the U.S., the cats we save will be fostered,  receive medical care, and eventually transition to Sip & Purr for adoption!


Sip & Purr is the only cat cafe in America that routinely assists in rescuing non-traditional, at-risk cats from all over the globe. Since 2018, we've successfully saved over 150 cats (and a dog!) from Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Turkey.


Many of the cats we rescue through our scholarship program require additional medical care that isn't available in their native countries. Your donation will directly assist us in caring for and providing medical treatment for our scholarship cats. 


True animal rescue is a global effort, bringing folks from all walks of life together, for a common purpose. Thank you for getting involved and making an impact that will be felt miles away, for years to come. 


Donate $40 or more and we'll send you an official Sip & Purr Scholarship t-shirt!


We'll mail all donors, regardless of amount, a Sip & Purr Scholarship sticker designed by local artist (and cat foster mom!), Megan Lynn Kott. 


*When donating $40 or more, please indicate in the notes what size t-shirt you'd like mailed to you---small, medium, large, extra large, 2xtra large

Support our upcoming rescue mission to Beirut, Lebanon!